Global Printed Circuit Board Development Status
source:pcb多层线路板 Time:2015-11-04
At present,the global top 20 PCB manufacturers spread on USA, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. 
Among the 20 manufacturers, there are 6 PCB manufacturers come from our Taiwan. Which the Xinxing is in the first position, and following is ZhenDing. For the entire, Taiwan PCB factories have developed from production expansion to high-level PCB, which need more high technical content. IC support plate accounted for 34.5% of PCB share, 4 layer and above multilayer board accounted for around 25%, also flexible board accounted for 14%.
Although in our China mainland, the total PCB board output value is big one, the main products are lower FR4 rigid board, normal multilayer board. We need more improve on industrial chain、technology level and so on.
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