FPC Circuit board Pressing Structure Technology
source:PCB线路板 Time:2015-11-04
For flex circuit board, the following operation need to attention: 

1. Wearing gloves or finger cots to avoid board contaminate, or it will easily cause delamination.

2. Before laminate, check if the steel plate is smooth, the silica gel is damaged, crack or have small holes. Make sure both of them have good surface.

3. FPC(flexible PCB) have the same location with the diagram when placed

4. When placed the release liner, must confirmed the positive and negative side. The method is: Draw on the release liner with oily pen, it will be negative side if it is clearly, and or it is positive side. The other method is: touch the release liner surface with wearing gloves, the smooth side is positive side, or it is negative side.

5. Pressing operation production process: stripper→pre-treatment→laminate→pressing→plating.

Strictly speaking, the FPC manufacturer required to operate in accordance with regulations.

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