Electronics circuit board protection VT-381
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1. Functions:

This product has excellent waterproof, dampproof, dustproof, anticorrosive, Anti-aging properties and so on .It widely used in circuit boards, electronic equipment insulation protection element. Simple operation: can used to brushing and dip-coating.

2. Product feature:

Three anti-adhesive is a specially formulated coating .To protect circuit boards and related equipment from the corrosive environments ,so that to enhancing and extending their service life, make sure the safety and reliability.

The third anti-adhesive with coating on the surface of the circuit board, forming a layer of 1-2mm thick protective film which is not only light but also flexibility . It can contain chemical substances such as ( fuel, cooling, etc.), vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity and high temperature prevent circuit from damage.

Under these conditions the circuit board may be corrosion, mold growth ,

may cause a short circuit and so on. Leading to some circuit troubles without using. However, the benefits that used the coating agent can protect the formation of three anti-adhesive protective film to be effective in isolation and protection circuit against chemicals, moisture and other soil erosion, thereby enhancing the reliability of the circuit board, increasing the safety parameters and to ensure that their useful life.

Because of the three anti-glue can prevent leakage, it can allowing for higher power and closer spacing of the PCB. Moreover , can also meet the purpose of miniaturization components. At the same time, three anti-transparent plastic can improve the appearance of printed circuit boards. The typical used for printing circuit boards with high-tech fields.

At the moment , more and more consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and reliability of the product, the electronic devices also have been more widely used in our daily life. Therefore, employed three anti-plastic can make the manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce the high expensive warranty costs.

Typical uses include the civilian and commercial applications, that the three anti-adhesive can protect the household electronic from damage ,they can resist: water and detergent (such as: washing machines and dishwashers) ,high humidity (such as microwave ovens), environment of chemical substances (such as: washing machine / dryer) ,the harmful substances in the office and the family (such as computer), unfavorable.

external environments (such as: equipment of guard against theft and alarm ) .The automotive industry required that the third anti-adhesive can excuse the automotive industry from the following danger, such as: the materials of gasoline evaporation, salt spray / brake fluid and so on.

Electronic systems with the rapid growth in automotive applications, using three anti-adhesive has become the basic requirements to ensure the electronic devices reliability for long-term .Three anti-plastic used in the following areas: Under the hood (such as: engine management system), the passenger compartment (adding the computer control system on board) aviation aerospace. Due to the space environment is very strict with the electronic equipment, it is necessary to widely used the three anti-adhesive for fast decompression, affecting the circuit performance.

Third anti-adhesive can be applied to the compression and decompression area: Decompression (such as: control system of flight line ), cabin (such as: air-conditioning systems),seafaring .Both fresh water and salt water can bringing some influences about the ship electrical equipment. However, using three anti-adhesive can protect the equipment which is in the water . It is become indispensable to protect the use of resin for immersion in the underwater equipment.

Typical applications include: Navigation system, Radar control system for medical / industrial protective equipment. Three-proofing lacquer prevent the equipment avoiding the bad environment to be corroded. They used very widely ,mainly including: tools, to prevent corrosion and convenient to storage; agricultural machinery, to avoid the fertilizers and backyard waste pollution that ensure they stability continuing.

3. ALL parameters of pre and post of solidification

Performance index




Appearance and composition and yellowy

Organic silicon

Relative densityg/cm325℃)


Time of dringmin,25℃)




Post solidified

Tensile strengthMPa


Elongation at break%




Cutting strengthMPa


Peeling strengthN/mm


Operating temperature range()


Volume resistivity (Ω·cm)


Dielectric strength (kV/mm)


Dielectric constant(1.2MHz)


The above machine functions and parameters is tested at temperature of 25% and relative moisture of 55% after one day solidification.

4. Use craft:

Best operation: Directly Brushing and dip-coating

Dip-coating process:

1.1 The same with 1.1.

1.2 To pull the adjustment plastic bucket into the Baptist,for coating,circuit boards or components should not be immersed in fast speed to avoid air bubbles. The dry time is at the temperature about 10-30 minutes,heat drying is not support.

1.3 After the re-use dip-coating, if the phenomenon of surface crust, remove the skin, can use it again.

5. Precaution:

Use the chemical protective gloves and protective glasses, should be used the apron and boots to prevent the splashing.

After pouring glue, please clean the bottle mouth, tighten bottle cap, sealed and put it into dry and clean place.

6.Storage and transport

1. The duration of storage of this product is one year. (25℃)

2. This product belongs to non dangerous article, transported so normal chemicals.



Packaging method: 1KG/18KG

Remarks: If you have any questions about practice series of other circuit board, please contact with Weitai Chemical Co., Ltd.


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