Wonderful Printed Flexible Circuit Board
source:PCB线路板 Time:2015-11-04
  Single-sided flexible board is the lowest cost, less demanding on the electrical properties when the PCB. In the single-sided wiring, single-sided flexible board should be selected. Chemical etching of the layer which has a conductive pattern, the surface of the flexible insulating substrate a conductive pattern layer is rolled copper foil. An insulating base material may be polyimide, polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl acetate and aramid fiber.
  Double-sided flexible board is on both sides of the insulating base film made of each conductive pattern layer etching. Plated hole pattern on both sides of the insulating material to form a conductive path, to meet the deflection of the design and functionality. The cover film can protect the single, double wire and indicating element sited.
  Multi-layer flexible plate is 3 or more layers on one side or double-sided flexible circuits laminated together through the drill larvae L, metal plating is formed holes in the conductive path is formed between the different layers. Thus, without the use of complex welding process. The multilayer circuit at a higher reliability, better thermal conductivity and more convenient assembly performance has great functional differences. In designing the layout, you should take into account the assembly dimensions, layers and flexible interaction.
  Flex-rigid board is made of a rigid and flexible substrates are laminated together to form selectively. Compact structure, in order to form a conductive metal larvae L connection. If a PCB positive and negative both components, rigid flexible board is a good choice. However, if all of the components are on the side of the case, use double-sided flexible board and laminated on the back layer of reinforced FR4 material, will be more economical.

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