Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry Reports
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Trends in North American Flexible Circuit Book-to-Bill Ratio

The monthly North American PCB Market Report provides timely data on PCB market size, sales and order growth, book-to-bill ratios and near-term forecasts. Data are reported for rigid PCBs and flexible circuits separately. The rigid PCB

data are further segmented by company size tiers, and flex data includes trends in bare circuit versus assembly revenue sources. Trends in sales of boards to the military and medical markets are reported for both rigid and flex, as well as trends in prototype sales. The reports are typically 68 to 80 pages.
Annual Subscription: (IPC Member) $600; (Nonmember) $1200

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The annual Analysis & Forecast for the PCB Industry in North America is a comprehensive overview of the industry with data and analysis on market size, sales growth, sales by product type, product mix (high-volume vs. quick turn vs. prototype), revenue trends from value-added services, trends in materials, financial metrics, vertical end-markets, U.S. imports and exports, and forecasts for total PCB production in the Americas and the world through 2016. 70 pages. Latest edition published in August 2014..
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Vertical Markets Served by Reporting PCB Companies in 2012

Trends In Regional Shares of Worldwide PCB Production

IPC’s annual World PCB Production Report is the authoritative source of data on PCB production value by country and by product type. The estimates are developed through a consensus process by a team of the world’s leading industry analysts. The report includes commentary on global and regional PCB industry trends, as well as historical PCB production data and regional production trends. Special sections within the report examine trends in specialty laminates and metal-clad PCBs. 44 pages. Published in August 2014.
Annual Study: (IPC Member) $475; (Nonmember) $950

PCB Technology Trends is a global study of technology trends in PCB manufacturing based on findings from leading companies in every region of the world. The 2011–2012 report covers issues in current PCB technology and the industry’s expectations for developments through 2014. Topics include trends in high-density interconnect (HDI) and microvias, miniaturization, embedded technology, optics, laminates and much more. The 53-page report is also available in Mandarin Chinese. Published in May 2012. A new technology trends study will be published in late 2014.

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Percentage of 2011 Investment in

Technology for Responding

Companies in China


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