Circuit board recycling equipment banners help green economy development
source:pcb多层线路板 Time:2015-11-04
  Circuit board recycling equipment banners help green economy development. Bonanza to electronic calls for more attention to the healthy development of green on e-waste recycling, go all out to build a new green economy development situation in our country.

  Represented by circuit board recycling equipment electronic equipment, garbage disposal in our country, green development is playing an incomparable role. Our country is in the stage of socialist development, completes the environmental protection, put an end to waste electronic garbage piled up at random or wanton emissions, improve the utilization rate of industrial waste to implement environmental mitigation, walk the road of healthy development of the green.
Abroad has been done in the fields of e-waste recycling equipment is quite mature, but our country is not far behind, is developing very quickly in recent years. How to deal with these powder ?

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