No. Item Parameters
1 Surface treatment OSP,immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,
Immersion silver,
Lead Free Air Leveing,
Nickel -Gold plating.
2 Iayers 1- 4
3 Width smallest wire 0.1mm
4 Minimum spacing wire 0.1mm
5 minimum line to pad.pad to pad  0.2mm
6 minimum diameter of drill knife 0.4mm
7 minimum diameter of the hole pad 0.45mm
8 V-CUT Angular deviationV-cutangle deviation ±5°
9 Thickness V-CUT substrate 0.4 - 5.0mm
10 Minimum size of finished product 3×3mm
11 Maximum size of finished product 500 ×1200
12 Thickness  substrate finished product  0.6 - 5.1mm
13 Molding dimension tolerance ±0.15mm
14 minimum unilateral window
of Green oil(for clearance)
15 minimum thickness of the green oil 0.4mil
16 Solder Mask Photographic Solder Mask.
hot-Solder Mask.
UV solder Mask
17 minimum characters linewidth 0.1mm
18 minimum Height characters 0.7mm
19 silk screen characters&solder mask color White, yellow,black, green,aureate
20 Data file format GERBER 、CAD 、protel99se 、PADS
21 performance Test Impedance.
a short-circuit test.
a test for governance.
Flying probes test
22 Material model Aluminum base PCB.CU base PCB
23 Other testing requirements Baptist-test.test Rally.impedance test
copper foil thickness H/H OZ 、1/1 OZ 、2/2 OZ 、3/3 OZ 、4/4 OZ
35um  70um  105um  140um  175um
24 Delivery cycle ngle template 3-4 days,
batch 7-8 days
double-sided example 8-9 days
batch 9-10 days supply
processing capability 5000㎡
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